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Heatsail and Piet Boon join forces and launch a timeless design light with heater for your patio or terrace.

Heatsail and Studio Piet Boon join forces and launch the new DISC by Piet Boon. The DISC is designed with the distinctive Piet Boon handwriting and has the unique technical core of the existing DOME. The craftsmanship and technological knowledge of Heatsail is effortlessly combined in this product with the design of Piet Boon. With this unique product the comfort of outdoor living is increased and the outdoor season is extended.

The DISC collection is made of high quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The DISC collection uses less energy than the traditional gas heaters. Because the DISC collection is 100% electric, it doesn’t emit CO2 and has a low energy consumption of only 3.22 kWh.

By using highly efficient and durable ceramic heating elements, combined with the best materials, the DISC collection is virtually maintenance free.

Up to 5 meters reach. Comfortable warmth without a red glow, ideal for a table of 6 people.

Options DISC

RAL colors

The standard colors for our DISC collection are White, Iron, Bronze and Slate.

Assembly accessory

To simplify the assembly of the DISC collection you are best off using our mechanical lift. This will allow you to set up the DISC collection alone within 30 minutes.